Svetlana Bulatova documentary photographer

Life for two

Melanoma is most common for pregnant women. Unfortunately,
it is also the most difficult for medical treatment: modern methods
of immunotherapy are not yet well mastered for pregnant
women. In second place is non-invasive cervical cancer. In third
place is breast cancer. Then there are hematological diseases,
lymphomas. The average age of pregnant women with cancer
is 34 years.
Daria Moskovskaya is from Bryansk. Daria has a husband and
two children, a boy of seven and a girl of two. Last autumn,
when she was breastfeeding her daughter, she drew attention
to the lumps in her breast. Daria found out that she had cancer
when she became pregnant with her third child. Doctors in
the Bryansk antenatal clinic convinced her to terminate the
pregnancy: «You already have a boy and a girl. Have an abortion!
Chemistry for a child won’t go through without consequences.
Your child will be sick, crooked, oblique, deaf.»
However, Daria decided to keep the pregnancy and start
chemotherapy at the FSBI National Medical Research Center
of Oncology named after N.N. Blokhin of the Ministry of Health
of Russia. Thanks to the unique technique of cancer treatment,
Russian doctors saved the health of mother and child. There
is life for two. On August 16, 2021, Daria gave birth to an
absolutely healthy daughter, Anfisa.